Okayama travel guide: Access and what to see

Okayama is a city where history meets modern technology. It originated as a castle town during Japan’s Edo Period, which spanned from the early 1600s to mid-1800s. Today, Okayama is the second largest city in the region, being somewhat smaller than Hiroshima. It is a railroad transportation hub, located at the junction of the Sanyo Shinkansen Line to Shikoku’s only rail connection.

What is there to see and do in Okayama and the surrounding cities? How do you get there from popular destinations such as Tokyo and Kyoto? Consider this helpful travel guide.

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Uji travel guide: Access and what to see

Many international travelers are familiar with the Japanese cities of Kyoto and Nara, famous for being former capitals of the nation. As such, they were also cultural centers. However, where you aware of another richly historic and cultural town nearby?

Uji is located between Kyoto and Nara, Japan’s former capital cities. During the 1100s, it became known for the superior quality of its green tea; it is said that Uji is the location in which tea cultivation began. The town is also home to rustic temples, including the oldest Japanese shrine still in existence.

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Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka by train

Japan is one of the most culturally rich and diverse countries of our century. When going through the streets, hills and castles of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, you will be taken through time, history and places of breathtaking views and mesmerizing moments.

In this article, you will find how to get from Tokyo to Kyoto, Tokyo to Osaka and Kyoto to Osaka (frequent train trips among travelers) with the bullet train and using just your Japan Rail Pass.

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Sendai travel guide: Access and what to see

Sendai may not be as renowned at the neon metropolis of Tokyo, but it is ranked among Japan’s largest cities. It is also known as “the city of trees.” Why? Sendai features broad streets punctuated by parks and green public spaces. Even its covered shopping arcade has trees growing within it.

Sendai is also home to a rich and vigorous history. The city was founded by a powerful feudal lord around the year 1600. Many of the tourist attractions in Sendai reflect its history and that of its founding family.

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Nagano travel guide: Access and things to do

Nagano, centered in the Japanese island of Honshu (Chubu region), is a land of mountains and rich history. Its capital, Nagano City, grew as a “temple town,” centered on the popular Zenkoji temple. Other shrines celebrate a legend in which the sun goddess hid herself in a cave, making the land dark. The door to the cave was eventually cast into Nagano.

The rugged forests north of Nagano City still resonate with the legends and realities of the ninja, skilled warriors of the past. Nearly a thousand years ago, it is said that a clan war in the area caused a young warrior to flee. He learned the ways of the ninja before returning to Nagano, where he established the legendary Togakure School.

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