The West Express Ginga: The Futuristic “Galaxy” Train

JR West has announced the launch of a new train which will link the Keihanshin area with a number of stations in the Sanin and Sanyo regions in western Japan. The Ginga train will launch in spring 2020.

The concept of the long-distance train is based around interstellar travel. Ginga means ‘Milky Way’ in Japanese, and the trains route along the western regions will represent the stars spread throughout the galaxy.

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Yoyogi Park: Access and things to do

Yoyogi Park, called Yoyogi-Koen in Japanese, has been described as “one of the liveliest parks in the city.” It is also one of the largest green spaces in Tokyo. It is located conveniently between two other bucket list areas, Shibuya and Harajuku.

Festivals and other events are held there almost every weekend. Whether you’re traveling solo, in a group, as a couple, or with children, Yoyogi Park offers something for everyone.

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Fukuoka Travel Guide: How to get there and attractions

The city of Fukuoka is one of the main tourist destinations in southern Japan, and it is listed among Japan’s ten most populous cities. It is the largest city on the island of Kyushu, and packed with amazing travel experiences.

Whatever you’re looking for in your next Japanese vacation, Fukuoka is likely to deliver. The city is home to traditional parks and temples, massive shopping complexes, modern cityscapes, and special offerings for the food enthusiast. There are also a number of day trips from the city made possible using the Shinkansen bullet trains, and its southern, warmer weather is loved by the Japanese.

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Tokyo Olympic Stadium (New National Stadium)

The Tokyo Olympic Stadium was the main stadium in the iconic ‘64 games and once again it will be the center stage for the 2020 Olympic Games. Both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the athletics will be held at the officially called New National Stadium (新国立競技場 Shin kokuritsu kyōgijō). Continue reading “%s”