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Japan Rail Pass S.L. is an authorized vendor of JR Pass and works hard toward providing customers with all the information needed to submerge themselves in the magic of Japanese culture. Below you’ll find our contact form, which you can use to submit any queries you may have while using our site. Please use the form to submit your questions rather than via phone call. Before you submit a comment, we advise you to browse our information section at the bottom of this page, as it may contain the answer you are looking for.

All about Japan Rail Pass

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How can I buy the Japan Rail Pass

You can buy your Japan Rail Pass via this website in a few easy steps. Once your online order is confirmed, we send your Exchange Order (JR voucher) by post. You can either receive it at home before you leave or have it delivered to your temporary residence in Japan. The voucher needs to be exchanged for the actual rail pass once you are in Japan, within three (3) months from when the Exchange Order is issued.

How long is the JR Pass valid for?

A Japan Rail Pass can be valid for either 7, 14, or 21 consecutive days. Once you receive the Japan Rail Pass Exchange voucher, you will be able to redeem it within the following 3 months.

Can I buy the JR Pass more than 3 months in advance?

Because the validity period of the JR Pass is 3 consecutive months we will pause the delivery and issue of your Exchange Order until a month before your trip.

Where to activate my JR Pass

To activate your Japan Rail Pass, please go to any JR office once in Japan. They are spread through most Japanese Airports, such as Narita and Haneda. You can also find them at all the main train stations, located across the country.

Is the Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Traveling around Japan is normally expensive, but you can make huge savings using a JR Pass. It is a cost-effective way of getting around Japan though you need to order one before you arrive in Japan.

When does my JR Pass arrive?

The standard delivery time for our orders is 2 business days. However, there are some rare circumstances which are beyond our control such as extreme weather conditions and transport strikes. The delivery time could take longer as a result of these potential problems.