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Green Pass First Class
7 DaysAdult
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How much is a JR Pass? Check the prices for adults and children, for 7, 14 or 21 days, and for a Standard or Green Pass.

Select the class you wish to travel in, the number of accompanying children (if applicable) and enter the duration of your stay. It's that simple, so order your Japan Rail Pass today and get packing!

Summary of rates (from October 2023)

7 days
¥ 70,000
¥ 35,000
¥ 50,000
¥ 35,000
14 days
¥ 110,000
¥ 55,000
¥ 80,000
¥ 40,000
21 days
¥ 140,000
¥ 70,000
¥ 100,000
¥ 50,000

The easiest way to travel in Japan

The JR Pass makes traveling around Japan easy. This multi-use ticket grants unlimited access to all JR network public transport, including Shinkansen high-speed trains, buses, ferries and airport transport, for an affordable price.

Thanks to this one-way ticket, you won't have to buy a new ticket every time you use public transport during your stay, which represents undeniable convenience and time-saving.

A 7-day JR Pass can allow you to travel to the most popular Japanese destinations (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, etc.) and use local transport for less than buying each ticket separately. If you're planning several long-distance journeys, the JR Pass will save you money.

JR Pass holders will also be able to enjoy discounts at some of Japan's popular tourist attractions from October 2023.


Validity of the JR Pass

Remember that your pass is valid for either 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days. Once activated, the dates cannot be changed, which means you should always coordinate your vacation plans with the validity of the pass.

Children's discount

If kids are among your travel companions on your trip to Japan, you will be glad to know a JR children's discount is an option. Check to see if any of these apply in your case.

Children between zero and 5 years of age can use all the JR transport system without having to purchase a Japan Rail Pass. The only caveat is that they are not allowed to occupy a seat and have to stay on an adult's lap unless there are empty seats available in the green, unreserved and reserved cars. Of course, there are no seat limitations if a pass is bought for them.

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Green Pass

Upgrade to first class. Enjoy more space, separate restrooms, and exclusive smoking areas with your Green Pass on certain bullet trains.
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