Sendai travel guide: Access and what to see

Sendai may not be as renowned at the neon metropolis of Tokyo, but it is ranked among Japan’s largest cities. It is also known as “the city of trees.” Why? Sendai features broad streets punctuated by parks and green public spaces. Even its covered shopping arcade has trees growing within it.

Sendai is also home to a rich and vigorous history. The city was founded by a powerful feudal lord around the year 1600. Many of the tourist attractions in Sendai reflect its history and that of its founding family.

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Nagano travel guide: Access and things to do

Nagano, centered in the Japanese island of Honshu (Chubu region), is a land of mountains and rich history. Its capital, Nagano City, grew as a “temple town,” centered on the popular Zenkoji temple. Other shrines celebrate a legend in which the sun goddess hid herself in a cave, making the land dark. The door to the cave was eventually cast into Nagano.

The rugged forests north of Nagano City still resonate with the legends and realities of the ninja, skilled warriors of the past. Nearly a thousand years ago, it is said that a clan war in the area caused a young warrior to flee. He learned the ways of the ninja before returning to Nagano, where he established the legendary Togakure School.

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Naoshima Travel Guide: Access and what to see

Imagine walking in the sands of a beautiful island in the Seto Inland Sea. You approach a concrete pier jutting out into the water. Rather than your usual retinue of fishermen and tourists, you are greeted by an enormous black and golden pumpkin.

The scene described is no fairytale or dream. It is part of the sculptures and modern art for which the island of Naoshima is known. The island enjoys sunny weather and rural living that rivals that of Europe’s Mediterranean region.

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Ise Shrine Travel Guide: Architecture, access and what to see

Japan is well known for its rich culture and preservation of history. Shrines and temples are located all over Japan’s islands, large and small. The most sacred shrines of the Shinto religion are located on the Shima Peninsula. These shrines, the Ise Shrines, are nestled in the heart of a popular leisure and resort destination.

Its area holds something for every traveler, from religious pilgrimages to exciting theme parks. In fact, the entire peninsula is regarded as a national park, with stunning vistas and peaceful forests.

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Japan Railway Museums: Complete guide

Do you love trains? From children to adults, many people are fascinated by these massive, powerful vehicles. Japan, with its long history of innovative rail transportation, is a vacation destination for train lovers of all ages.

The Japanese railway train museums chart the history of the train in Japan and around the world, from early steam locomotives to diesel and electric train cars, to the innovative shinkansen bullet train and maglev trains. As a boon for international travelers, these Japanese museums include informative displays in English as well as Japanese. The main museums in Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo are family-friendly, offering exciting hands-on exhibits for the education and enjoyment of little railroad fans and their parents alike.

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Kamakura with the JR Pass: How to get there and attractions

Your business or leisure travels are taking you to the fascinating nation of Japan, and you will be spending time in the iconic city of Tokyo. After you’ve spent some time amid the hustle and bustle of this neon city, however, you may wish to get away for a time, relax, and find a slower pace. If this is true of your or your travel companions, a day trip from Tokyo to Kamakura may be just the thing for you.

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Fukuoka with the JR Pass: How to get there and attractions

The city of Fukuoka is one of the main tourist destinations in southern Japan, and it is listed among Japan’s ten most populous cities. It is the largest city on the island of Kyushu, and packed with amazing travel experiences.

Whatever you’re looking for in your next Japanese vacation, Fukuoka is likely to deliver. The city is home to traditional parks and temples, massive shopping complexes, modern cityscapes, and special offerings for the food enthusiast. There are also a number of day trips from the city made possible using the Shinkansen bullet trains, and its southern, warmer weather is loved by the Japanese.

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Koka Ninja Village: Access and what to see

The Koka Ninja Village, or Koka no Sato Ninjutsumura, is located in the rural city of Koka, also called Koga. Along with nearby villages, Koka is set deep within the homeland of the ninja. The rugged and mountainous landscape made Koka an excellent retreat in which the ninja honed their skills. Its close proximity to Kyoto makes it an accessible and exciting stop for your next Japanese vacation.

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