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Plan your trip with useful travel tips about how to get around Japan, transportation guides, maps, itineraries and the best things to see and do in each destination.


The fastest way of getting around Japan is by catching the world-class Shinkansen bullet trains which are renowned for their speed, style, and punctuality. However, to move around cities and to make shorter journeys there are numerous bus routes and local trains which can take you to your destination.

Find out more about Shinkansen trains, catching buses, and how Hyperdia can help you plan your trip. You can also download our interactive maps and schedules to make sure you’re fully prepared for your trip to Japan.



Shinkansen bullet trains are the fastest way to discover Japan. Discover more about the high-speed trains and the 9 rail lines they cover.

Train maps

A library of interactive, PDF, transportation maps to help plan a trip to Japan. Download handy, easy-to-use JR route maps.

JR Buses

JR Pass holders enjoy access to the comfortable local lines of JR Bus at no extra cost. Discover more about the JR bus lines and how to use them.


Hyperdia: No. 1 Japanese online transportation planning tool. Precisely plan your trip in Japan from one station to another, with punctuality to the second.

Travel tips

Japan is an incredible country to visit. Cool cities, quirky pop culture, mouthwatering food, and breathtaking scenery are just a few of the main draws which entice millions of visitors to the Land of the Rising Sun each year.

Read our insightful travel tips to find out more about Japan’s main destinations, how to use your JR Pass and when the best times to visit are. Use the best itineraries available to help plan your trip and make sure you do not miss out on any of the highlights.



Find out the best destinations in Japan to discover all that the country of the rising sun has to offer. Discover how to get there, what to visit, what to do and how to make the most of your trip.
When to visit Japan

When to visit Japan

Japan has something to offer in each of the four seasons. The cherry blossom in the spring, the stunning fall of the autumn leaves, snow and onsens in the winter, and fun summer festivals.

Suggested itineraries

Planning a trip to Japan can be hard as there is so much to see. Read our itineraries to help organize your holiday. Find out the most fascinating points of interest.
japan travel blog

Japan travel blog

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