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Japan railways maps

Interactive and PDF downloadable maps to help you plan your trip to Japan. Find easy-to-read travel resources about the train and metro systems of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto as well as details about the JR lines you can take with your Japan Rail Pass.

Plan your holiday around Japan with our useful national railway maps. They include route maps of all the Shinkansen lines (the fastest and most convenient way of making long-distance journeys in Japan) and maps of all the local train lines, and bus and ferry routes.

Japan Railways map

Japan Rail Map


Shinkansen map

JR Shinkansen map


Tokyo rail and metro maps

Download our Tokyo Area PDF maps, which include a Tokyo Metro Map and a Tokyo Metropolitan Map, and navigate around the Japanese capital like a local. Tokyo subway has 13 metro lines (Tokyo Metro 9 and Toei 4) and as well as numerous overground options.

Tokyo metropolitan map

Tokyo Metropolitan Map


Tokyo metro map

Tokyo Metro map


Kansai area maps

Use our easy-to-use maps of the Kansai area including a map of the entire region as well as metro maps for Kyoto and Osaka. Though the big cities in the area have metro lines, getting around Kansai by train with your JR Pass is generally the preferred method.

Japan Railways map

Kansai Area Map


Osaka metro map

Osaka Metro map


Kyoto metro map

Kyoto Metro map