Japan travel guide: Japanese food region by region

As an island nation set apart from its neighbors, Japan has developed a unique culinary tradition. During your stay in Japan, food is one of the best ways to get an insight into the local customs and way of life.

Food is often elevated to an art form in Japan — special attention is given to textures and colors, garnished, and even the plates the food is served on. Get ready to experience dishes that are not only packed with flavor, but are also visually spectacular.

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Green JR Pass vs ordinary JR Pass: What is the difference?

The Japan Rail Pass comes in two main types of passes: the Green (first class) and the ordinary pass. Both passes offer unlimited travel across Japan, but they come with different levels of comfort, convenience, and amenities.

On this page, we break down the key differences of the Green JR Pass vs the ordinary option, ensuring you make the best choice for your trip.

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Suica Card vs JR Pass: Which is right for you?

Planning a trip to Japan and wondering how to navigate the vast transportation network efficiently? You might opt for one of 2 popular travel passes, the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) or the Suica Card, one of the prepaid IC cards in Japan.

Both offer unique advantages, but which one is right for your journey? On this page, we break down the strengths and differences of each and help you decide whether to order a JR Pass or Suica card, or both.

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