Nishiki Market Travel Guide: Kyoto’s Shopping District

Nishiki Market, known in Japanese as Nishiki Ichiba, is a narrow shopping street in Kyoto. Often referred to as “Kyoto’s Kitchen” or “Kyoto’s Pantry,” this fresh food market is five blocks long and lined with over one hundred restaurants and shops. Some shops are tiny stalls, while others are enormous two-story buildings.

The market has a pleasant, busy atmosphere that will allow you to taste Japan’s culinary culture at its finest.

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Guide to renting a car In Japan

Although it’s possible to take in almost all of Japan using the Shinkansen bullet trains, there may be times when the traveler wants to explore attractions off the main routes, or just try out driving in Japan for themselves.

There a number of different vehicle rental companies in Japan that foreign travelers can choose from, but those traveling with the Japan Rail Pass should take note that only one offers special discounts for JR Pass holders.

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Public holidays in Japan: 2020 dates and meaning

Holidays in Japan are unique, spectacular occasions which visitors, as well as locals, can enjoy. However, they are also very busy times of the year so travelers should expect crowds on Japan’s transportation system and higher prices for accommodation.

Visitors should also be aware that events such as the Obon Festival, the cherry blossom season, Golden Week, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are also very busy times of year to visit Japan. Add to that the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Japan is about to become an even hotter spot for holidaymakers.  

People catching shinkansen bullet trains should make early reservations during these periods when possible.

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