The Japan Rail Pass

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What is Japan Rail Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass, also known as JR Pass, is a transportation ticket, giving you access to a wide range of fast-speed, rapid and local trains all over Japan, as well as many bus lines and selected ferry services.

It is the most cost-efficient way to travel all over Japan for a limitless number of trips, restricted only by the selection of a time-frame. Choosing between 7, 14 and 21 days of JR Pass validity, you will be able to access any part of Japan and also have the opportunity to enjoy the world-famous Shinkansen bullet-train and travel with 320 km/h.

Discover the amazing adventures the JR Pass has to offer, by opening the doors to travelling anywhere you wish, anytime. There is no limitation to the trips allowed, and the price of a 7-day JR Ticket is equal to twice the lower price of a Tokyo-Kyoto one way ticket. If you wish to better understand the immense price differences between regular rail tickets and Japan Rail, read more at our prices page.

The JR Exchange Process

Order Online
Order your pass in a few easy steps. Travel everywhere with a single ticket.
Receive Exchange Order
Straight to your door or hotel in Japan. We can deliver your order wherever you choose.
Exchange order for the JR Pass
Go to any of the JR Exchange Offices in Japan. Exchange your order for the actual Japan Rail Pass.
Start your once in a lifetime experience
Take any Japan Rail national train and start exploring.
  • The cheapest way to visit Japan by far

    Considering a 7-day unlimited rail pass is almost half the price of a single Tokyo-Kyoto one way ticket.

  • Unlimited trips through all Japan

    Feel the freedom to experience Japan and make a journey that has no boundaries.

  • Customer Service

    Our English speaking Customer Service team will be at your disposal, ready to help you find your way or solve any problems you might have wherever in Japan.

Japan Rail Pass Ticket
  • A unique service offered only to tourists

    As long as you have the “Temporary visitor” stamp in your passport, you will have no problems in obtaining nor in using your Pass.

  • Flexible activation dates

    Tailor the schedule of your trip to your personal needs.

  • No waiting in lines

    All you need to do is go to the designated JR Pass gates and show your pass to the staff.

reading green

The Green Pass advantages

first class

1st class ticket

Purchasing a Green Pass means taking a first class ride on all the luxury Shinkansen trains as well as all the other JR Pass included trains.

seating space

Larger seating space

The Green Pass provides larger seating space, footrest and more room between the seats.


Oshibori / Free hot or cold beverages / Smoking areas

The comfort these carts offer includes the traditional Japanese small towels (oshibori). There is also a service of free hot or cold beverages, depending on your personal desire, as well as separate smoking areas.

Japan Rail Specifications

The Exchange Process

  • Buy your tickets (called Exchange Order) online in a safe and easy manner. You can choose between 7, 14 and 21 JR Pass validity duration, beginning once the Pass was exchanged. This service has been created for tourist visiting Japan temporarily. You will only be able to exchange your order if you have a temporary tourist stamp in your passport. For more information on eligibility requirements, read here.
  • Receive your JR online purchase in 2 days via UPS delivery. In your package you will receive an “Exchange Order”, which you will need to validate once in Japan.
  • When arriving in Japan, search for the nearest JR Pass Exchange Office, where you will be able to exchange your order for the actual Japan Pass. You will be required to present your passport, together with the previously purchased Exchange Order.
  • At the Japan Rail Exchange offices you will be asked to state the exact date you plan to start using your Pass. Once confirmed and stamped, the date cannot be changed nor can the pass be refunded. You will receive a stamped rail pass, indicating the start and end dates of its validity.

Reservation Options

  • You can book a seat using your JR Pass for no additional costs.
  • In order to book a seat you need to go to any ticket office.
  • Whenever reserving a seat or using the Pass, remember to have your passport with you, as station staff may require to check it.  

Validation requirements

  • There is a 3-month time limit to turn in your Exchange Order in a JR Pass Exchange Office after it was first issued. When doing so, you will be asked to specify the date on which you wish to activate your Japan Rail Pass. The activation date cannot exceed 30 days after the exchange date.
  • Once having confirmed a specific start date for your Pass, it cannot be changed.

Note: You must exchange your order no longer than 3 months after it has been issued.  

Transportation included in the JR Pass

All the Japan Rail Pass holders will have limitless access to:



  • All the JR Group Shinkansen bullet trains, rapid/local or express trains and the BRT (Bus Rapid Train system).
  • The Narita-Tokyo Express
  • The Tokyo Monorail (connecting with Haneda Airport)
  • The Yamanote (loop line), Chūō and Keihin-Tōhoku lines in Tokyo
  • The Osaka Loop Line (connecting lines to Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and Nagoya)
  • The IR Ishikawa Railway between Tsubata and Kanazawa
  • The Ainokaze Toyama Railway between Takaoka and Toyama
  • The Aoimori Railway between Hachinohe and Aomori


  • Local lines of JR Bus, with some possible exceptions
  • JR Buses: JR Bus Tohoku, JR Tokai Bus, JR Bus Kanto, JR Kyushu Bus, West Japan JR Bus, Chugoku JR Bus, JR Shikoku Bus, JR Hokkaido Bus

The JR Pass is not valid for travelling on the express bus routes even though operated by JR Bus services.



  • The JR-WEST Hiroshima-Miyajima ferry