Takadanobaba Station: Gateway to Tokyo’s student hub

Takadanobaba Station is located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku special ward, between two commercial districts – Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. The station first opened its doors in 1910.

Takadanobaba literally means “Takada’s horse grounds”. The area is named for a baba, or horseback riding and racing grounds which used to occupy the area, and the Takata, the family who built it in the 1600s.

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Green JR Pass vs ordinary JR Pass: What is the difference?

The Japan Rail Pass comes in two main types of passes: the Green (first class) and the ordinary pass. Both passes offer unlimited travel across Japan, but they come with different levels of comfort, convenience, and amenities.

On this page, we break down the key differences of the Green JR Pass vs the ordinary option, ensuring you make the best choice for your trip.

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How to use Japanese prepaid IC cards: PASMO, SUICA, ICOCA and more!

Navigating international travel can be daunting, whether you’re a novice voyager or a seasoned globetrotter. Yet, Japan has always striven to simplify its internal transportation for everyone, resident or tourist. Their ingenious solution? The IC Card, designed to make traveling throughout the country as effortless as a gentle summer breeze.
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