2020 cherry blossom forecast for Japan

Cherry blossom Japan

The Japanese cherry blossom, or sakura, has long been adored by people across the globe. It is regarded as a symbol of renewal, vitality, and beauty. During the spring season of each year, thousands travel to Japan to view the wondrous spectacle of these white or pink flowers blooming en masse.

Update (January 10):  The Japan Meteorolgical Corporation (JMC) just released the first forecast for when cherry blossoms will start to flower (kaika) and reach full bloom (mankai). The next update will be published on January 24.

Japanese families also eagerly await this time. Many attend cherry blossom festivals or simply enjoy hanami, the tradition of viewing and enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossom. Many people indulge in picnics beneath the blooming cherry trees.

If you are planning a trip to see Japan’s famous cherry blossoms in 2020, there are two things to consider – where and when to visit. There are many prime locations with a variety of features – some have the oldest trees, others the most trees, and some are close to historic areas or other sites of interest. You can quickly and easily travel between many locations by train using your Japan Rail Pass.

Once you’ve decided on which of the best cherry blossom spots in Japan (or just in Tokyo or in Kyoto) you will visit for Hanami, you will want to time your stay so that you will get the most from your cherry blossom experience. Why? Because not every location experiences full bloom at the same time.

Japan Cherry Blossom Season 2019

Cherry blossom season in Japan

The sakura average blooming time can vary widely based on the geographical location within the country. Areas with milder winter climates produce earlier bloom times. Blooms usually open first in the southern region, and blooming progresses northward. Okinawa, for example, almost always produces the first blooms. Wind, rain, and temperature can cause the blossoms to appear either earlier or later than average and can lengthen or shorten the blooming season.

Throughout most of Japan, blooming typically occurs in late March and early April. Some areas may produce blooms as early as January. The emergence of the first blossoms is called kaika – this emergence of flowers in usually what is indicated by the bloom forecasts. The peak, or mankai – the time when the most trees are in full bloom – occurs within about one week of emergence. In some years, the season extends into the month of May in the northern regions.

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Cherry blossom 2020 forecast by region

The first forecast has been recently released, with flowers are expected to open earlier than usual: on March 19 in Tokyo, and March 23 in Kyoto. and to reach full bloom on March 27. will start between January and February and will be updated weekly throughout the season, usually up to the end of April and early May.

The cherry blossoms usually start from the south, at the end of March, in Kyushu, where the temperature will begin to rise earlier, and the cherry blossoms will bloom northward until early May in Hokkaido.

Please keep in mind that most flowers usually take a week to reach full bloom once flowering has begun and that full bloom also lasts around a week.

PrefectureLocationFlowering dateFull bloom date
Hokkaido Region
HokkaidoMuroranMay 6May 11
HokkaidoHakodateMay 1May 4
HokkaidoSapporoMay 1May 5
Tohoku Region
AomoriAomoriApril 23April 27
IwateMoriokaApril 17April 23
MiyagiSendaiApril 7April 12
AkitaAkitaApril 16April 21
YamagataYamagataApril 13April 17
FukushimaFukushimaApril 5April 10
Kanto Region
TokyoTokyoMarch 19March 27
IbarakiMitoMarch 29April 5
TochigiUtsunomiyaMarch 27April 3
GunmaMaebashiMarch 24March 31
SaitamaKumagayaMarch 28March 31
ChibaChoshiMarch 24April 4
KanagawaYokohamaMarch 23April 1
Chubu Region
NiigataNiigataApril 5April 11
ToyamaToyamaApril 1April 6
IshikawaKanazawaApril 1April 7
FukuiFukuiMarch 31April 5
AichiNagoyaMarch 21March 30
GifuGifuMarch 21March 29
ShizuokaShizuokaMarch 22March 31
MieTsuMarch 27March 31
YamanashiKofuMarch 23March 30
NaganoNaganoApril 9April 14
Kinki Region
OsakaOsakaMarch 25April 1
KyotoKyotoMarch 23April 1
ShigaHikoneMarch 39April 6
HyogoKobeMarch 25April 3
NaraNaraMarch 27April 3
WakayamaWakayamaMarch 24April 1
Chugoku Region
HiroshimaHiroshimaMarch 22April 1
TottoriTottoriMarch 27April 3
ShimaneMatsueMarch 27April 3
OkayamaOkayamaMarch 25April 2
YamaguchiShimonosekiMarch 24April 2
Shikoku Region
TokushimaTokushimaMarch 26April 3
KagawaTakamatsuMarch 25April 3
EhimeMatsuyamaMarch 23April 3
KochiKochiMarch 19March 27
Kyushu Region
FukuokaFukuokaMarch 29March 29
SagaSagaMarch 23March 31
NagasakiNagasakiMarch 23April 1
KumamotoKumamotoMarch 20March 29
OitaOitaMarch 22April 3
MiyazakiMiyazakiMarch 23April 2
KagoshimaKagoshimaMarch 25April 5

Japan regions and prefectures

A Japanese hanami is an experience of a lifetime, especially if you must travel from afar! Don’t forget to check out our sakura travel tips when you plan ahead to visit the prime cherry blossom locations in Tokyo and all of Japan during their peak blooming season: you are sure to have a trip to remember with your Japan Rail Pass.

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125 thoughts on “2020 cherry blossom forecast for Japan”
  1. Hello,
    I’m traveling to OSAKA Japan from April 30 to May 5, 2020…
    About the CHERRY BLOSSOM in OSAKA. in the forecast its show March 27 to April 4
    Hopefully, I can see some cherry blossom on that date on my visit 🙁
    It is one of my WISHLIST and DREAM to see the BEAUTIFUL CHERRY BLOSSOM.
    However, the date I visit that’s only my available 🙁

    Thanks for updating us 😉

  2. Hi! I will be in Japan April 13-22. Will I be able to catch any cherry blossoms? If so, where will they still be in bloom? I’m hoping somewhere near Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka

  3. Hi!
    I am traveling to Tokyo this coming April 18-24, which will be the best place to find cherry blossoms at that time?


  4. Hi,
    I am planning to visit in Japan from 17.04.2019 to 20.04.2019.
    What will be the best place to view “Cherry Blossom” at that time?
    Please everyone help me.

    1. Hi Syeda Arina Parveen! The expected full bloom dates are detailed in this article 😉 As you will see, expected flowering date in the Tohoku Region is within your trip dates. Happy travels!

    1. Hi Mannan! The 2019 sakura season is expected to arrive earlier than the past year, both in central and southern Japan. At the end of may it is not expected that you will be able to see any cherry blossoms. Happy travels!

  5. Hi I am planning to travel to Tokyo between APril 5 to April 9. Would I be able to see cherry blossom in Tokyo. If not which area should I be heading to?

    1. Hi Vikash! Please check the forecast we detail in this article, it will be of help in case you need to consider alternatives to your original plans 😉 Happy travels!

  6. Hello!

    I will be in Tokyo from April 5-10, and then Kyoto/Osaka from 10-14th. Will I still be able to see full bloom cherry blossoms be at Mount Yoshino somewhere during that time I am in Kyoto/Osaka, or will it be too late?
    It seems I will be just a tad too late for Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

  7. Hi. I already have a flexible ticket for 10 days from March 9-April 10. I wish to visit Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Can you recommend me the perfect dates to visit with cherry blossoms in full bloom? Thank you so much! 🙂

  8. Hi I will be visiting osaka April 6th
    It says that the full bloom date is April 1st, will I still be able to see the full bloom because it lasts a week?

    1. Hi Robert! A week after full bloom, the blooming peak is over and the blossoms are falling from the trees. Please note dates in this article are forecasted since nature is not an exact science 😉

    1. Hi Ai! Cherry blossom’s bloom is not exact science. According to the last forecast full bloom in Kyoto is expected to be around March 31st so most probably you will be able to enjoy the amazing bloom. Happy travels!

  9. Hello i will be travelling to Tokyo Osaka Kyoto and Nara from April 4-10. May I know any good suggestions where we can go first just to catch the Cherry Blossoms? Is it okay to avail the JR pass for 7days?

    1. Hi Frances, we recommend you to keep checking this article since we update it with the latest forecast. In the dates you’ll be travelling you will likely be able to see blooming trees in Osaka and Nara during your trip.

    1. Hi Annie! According to the last forecast, April 25th will be too far from the full bloom date in Tokyo. However we recommend you to keep checking our article to be aware of the latest news! Happy travels!

  10. Hello,

    I heard earliest bloom of Sakura is in Kawazu, usually end of Feb/early March. Will the bloom be delayed for this area as well?

  11. Hi,

    We will be in Kansai region from the 30/3 to the 12/4. I was thinking of paying a visit to Mont Yoshino on the 7/4. Wondering when would the full bloom dates be for Mont Yoshino?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      The cherry blossom trees in the Mount Yoshino area are expected to start flowering around April 2 and the full bloom around April 9, so your dates are spot on 🙂

      Happy travels!

  12. Hello.
    We are a family of four adults and keen to see the Japanese cherry blossom 2019. We can only visit Japan (Tokyo) around 9th or 10th April.

    I followed your first 2019 forecast but like to know how soon next update available.


  13. Is there any indication for 2019’s Fuji & Hakone forecast? I need to book my room immediately and any indication would be really helpful.

    P.S- You guys are the most reliable source for forecasting the cherry blossom so keep up the good work!! I will make sure i take my 2 x 14 day pass from here.

    1. Hi Nazeef! Thank you for your kind message! As you will see in the last release of the forecast, Chureito Pagoda, which is within Fuji Five Lakes area, is expected to be in its full bloom by April 3rd. However we recommend you to come back and check again since forecast is redefined as soon as further information is released. Happy travels 🙂

    2. We are going to be there from the 11th April, it looks like we are 1 week too late. We are planning to go to Shibazakura festival on the 13th April, hopefully that would be a good option for us with Mt Fuji as the backdrop.

  14. I have planned to be at Sapporo in April 2019 for a month. I would like to go to Hirosaki Park, Aomori. How is to be there by train? Do you have the train schedule?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Charan! Hirosaki Park is only a short bus ride from JR Lines Hirosaki Station. For the most updated train schedules and routes we recommend you to check Hyperdia – the number 1 Japanese online transportation planning tool. Happy travels!

  15. Hi,
    I going to Japan on 20 Mar to 4 Apr. We are hoping to see the Cherry blossom in these place.
    21-24 Mar: Tokyo
    24-27 Mar: Osaka
    27-29 Mar: Kyoto
    29-31 Mar: Hakone
    31 Mar to 4 Apr: Tokyo

  16. Hi there,

    I’m looking to spend 10 days in Japan in time for the blossom ^.^

    1. What are the best cities/places to see and how long should I spend in each place?
    2. What are the best dates to visit? My 10 days are flexible and can start and end whenever is recommended.

    Thank you in advance ^.^

    1. Hi Annie! We recommend you to check our 10 days in Japan: Travel itinerary for our best tips on how to make the most out of 10 days in Japan. Should you want to make it coincide with the cherry blossom we recommend you to check this article for the lastest forecasts; however please note it is not exact science and that best viewing dates cannot be predicted. Happy travels!

  17. is march or april for dates 8-21 more secure in order to see flowers with a route Tokyo – Hiroshima-Kobe-Osaka-Nara-Kyoto ?
    Can you advice ??

    1. Hi Nihat! Throughout most of Japan, blooming typically occurs in late March and early April. For more concrete information please come back to this article which will be updated as soon as first forecast is announced. Happy travels!

  18. is the table given is 2018 forecast or real dates of 2018 ??
    due to global warming 2019 dates will be earlyy right ??

    whic one of these dates have higher chance with a route of Tokyo – Hiroshima – Kobe – Osaka – Nara – Kyoto
    March 8-21 or April 8-21 ??? your adviced dates 🙂

  19. Hi! Are there any updates on the cherry blossom season for 2019? I am planning to book a trip to Tokyo during the last week of MArch, was hoping to get a forecast before i book my flight. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tapio! We miss it too! The sakura average blooming time can vary widely based on the geographical location and within years. Throughout most of Japan, blooming typically occurs in late March and early April. However we will have to wait some months to get the first forecasts 😉

    1. Hi Michael!

      Sapporo‘s expected full bloom date is May 2nd. Full bloom also lasts around a week so you may be able to catch the last pink flowers in this city and its outskirts.

      We hope you enjoy your trip.

  20. Hi.. me and my friend plan to go to japan around 26 april – 04 may as want to visit alpine road .
    do we still can get cherry blossom ?
    if go on 29 march – 06 april which city we can visit so can get full cherry blossom ?

    1. Hi Metta! As you will see in this article, the Hokkaido region would be the best for you. Please make sure to check this article in detail for dates in specific locations of this region.

  21. Hi
    I’m currently in Tokyo. I obviously missed the Cherry Blossoms here and was looking into going to Lake Kawaguchiko tomorrow April 14 (its 1am right now of the 14) but its seem to be a bit complicated between JR Pass, Private Railways and buses and got a bit discouraged. Then I found this article mentioning Hakone. I’m scheduled to visit Hakone on April 15, got a reservation for Hakone Yuryo. Will I be able to catch good Cherry Blossoms on Hakone? I just can’t find a webpage with a forecast for this area. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rodrigo!

      Hakone area is big and thus depending on where you stay you might be able to see cherry blossoms or not. For example, in Fuji Five Lakes full bloom expected date is April 15th which is a perfect match considering your travel dates.

      Happy travels!

  22. Hi i am planning to go Nara tomorrow. And i looked on the internet and saw that cherry blossom in some websites say it will be bloomed until mid april. Just wondering if i will still be able to see any cherry blossom around nara park or mount yoshino.

    1. Hi Danny!

      Nara and Mount Yoshino‘s full bloom date was around March 28th. As stated in this article, full bloom also lasts around a week. Since more time has passed you should get to see only green leafs.

      We hope you enjoy your trip!

  23. Hi, I’ll plan to go to Tokyo and Kyoto in early April 2019. Do you have full cherry blossom forecasts ?

  24. Hi – I am going to be in Osaka from 7th April -8th April and in Kyoto from 9th April till 13th April. Would I be able catch some part of Cherry blossom or would it be too late? Should I consider going to Mt Yoshino or Hikone to view Cherry blossom?any suggestion on day trip from Kyoto to view Cherry blossom is most welcome. Thanks vm.


    1. Hi Ajeet!

      Please keep in mind that, as specified in this article, most flowers usually take a week to reach full bloom once flowering has begun and that full bloom also lasts around a week. You can still see the full bloom in Kyoto until around April 5th.

      Considering the dates you will be in Japan, you should be able to see cherry blossom in the Hakone area. Mount Yoshino should already be all green by that dates.

      Happy travels!

  25. Hi,

    We will be in Fujiyoshida aiming to photograph Chureito Pagoda on the 10th. Looking at today’s photo’s on Instagram and it looks like it’s quiet close to full bloom – typically how long would you say peak viewing normally lasts around the Fuji Five Lakes?

    1. Hi Jatinder!

      As specified in this article, most flowers usually take a week to reach full bloom once flowering has begun. Full bloom also lasts around a week.

      We hope you enjoy your stay!

  26. Hi! I will be heading to Osaka and Tokyo on the 14th of April – 18th. Aware that full-bloom has passed, do you think Ill be able to see some Cherry Blossoms still?

    1. Hi Katerina Ivanovna!

      Full bloom date in Osaka was March 26th and even earlier in Tokyo. Generally you should expect flowers to lose their pink petals a week after their full bloom so you might not get to see any cherry blossom.

      We wish you luck!

  27. Hi, I will be in Fukuoka during this weekend. I know I have already missed full bloom but is it likely I will get to see any cherry blossoms on the trees or will they all be green by then? Thanks!

    1. Hi Vanessa!

      After full bloom one might still be able to see the pink flowers, however please take into account they will start losing their petals and gradually become green. Usually this process takes a week and since full bloom date in Fukuoka was March 27th, you could not get to see cherry blossom.

      Enjoy your trip!

  28. Hi,
    I will be in Tokyo tomorrow, 4th April – 9th, Can I still expect to see cherry blossoms by then? how about in Hakone area, what is the blooming date?

    Also, I will go to Kyoto and Nara from 9th-12th April, and Osaka and Himeji from 12th-15th.

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Anthony!

      As you have already seen in this article, Tokyo’s full bloom has already passed. Even when you might be able to see some flowers, you will not be able to see blooming at its full. In the Hakone area, for example in Fuji Five Lakes, full bloom expected date is April 15th. For the full forecast please make sure to carefully read our article.

  29. Hi
    Over from the UK
    Already spent today picnicking under blossom in Tokyo and here in Japan for 14 days.
    Will be going as far as Hiroshima and then back to Tokyo.
    Given expected full bloom dates in what order would you suggest we do the following places in order to maximise full bloom viewing?
    Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, Mount Yoshino, Fuji
    Thank you

    1. Hi Daniel,

      As full bloom lasts around a week, you may have a chance to see the cherry blossoms, especially in Kyoto 😉

      Good luck and have a nice trip!

  30. Hi!! i will be in Japan from 10th April till 16th April. Will i able to see sakura full bloom at Mt Fuji? If is, where at Mt Fuji to see the bloom? Thank you!

    1. Hi fifi!

      Flowering date at Fuji Five Lakes area is expected to be around April 9th, and the full bloom date on April 15th. Regarding a location to see the blooming in the area we would recommend you the Chureito Pagoda. During the month of April, the pagoda rises above the “clouds” of cherry blossoms spread between it and the mountain.

      Enjoy your stay!

  31. hi there, I will be in Tokyo from April 4th to April 14th,am I still going to see fully bloomed cherry blossoms in Tokyo? If not, where should I go for the best cherry blossom viewing during those dates?

    1. Hi Ms JB!

      The best times to visit (full bloom) were this last weekend (March 24) in Tokyo. According to the forecast, the best areas to view full bloom during your stay would be those in Tohoku and Hokuriku regions.

      We hope you enjoy Japan at its full bloom!

    2. Dear,

      I have signed up for the 2020 Saga marathon on the 3.22.2020

      Based on the forecast will it be a good chance that the bloom would start earlier? Thanks

    3. Hi Marathoner! Based on this early forecast, Saga’s flowering date would be around March 23. Please note forecast is updated with the latest news from the Japan Meteorolgical Corporation (JMC) – so stay tunned!

  32. I’m arriving at Morioka on April 18th and Mutsu on the 25th. Does it mean I’m right on time for full blossom in Morioka? Is it too late for seeing the whole blossoming in Mutsu?

    1. Hi Shangze,

      You should be right on time! Current forecasted flowering date for Morioka (Iwate prefecture) is April 13th and full bloom is expected for April 19. For Mutsu, please check the dates for Aomori as it is the closest big city we keep track of.

      Have a nice trip!

  33. Ill be in japan during the following dates:

    Toyko: 27th March – 1st April
    Kyoto: 1st April – 7th April

    Noted full bloom is estimated to start on the 24th of march i should be able to see tokyo full bloom for at least 3 days?
    and kyoto the same?

    I noticed this website was updated on the 15th does that mean you are updating the website with in the next day or two?

    1. Hi Ash!

      Blooming dates are slightly ahead this year. According to the last forecast, which is from March 22nd, full bloom date is expected to be in Tokyo on March 24th. Please note they have been flowering since March 17th. As for Kyoto, expected full bloom date is March 29th after having started flowering in March 27th.

      We hope you get to see Japan at its full bloom!

  34. This blog shows full blossom at Fuji lake area in March end. I am travelling to japan around that time and planning to go to Chureito Pagoda however on some other website I read that Fuji Five Lake area blossom is around mid April.
    Can anyone comment on status of blossom near Fuji Lakes/Chureito Pagoda?


  35. Hello, I land in Tokyo March 30th and will be staying with a friend. I do have a rail pass. Would you recommend trying to catch the end of full bloom in Tokyo or taking a trip to Kyoto, since it blooms a bit later?

    1. Hi Deanna,

      Although cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo usually peaks between March 27 and April 6, this year it has started earlier. Since the best times to visit (full bloom) in Kyoto is expected to be around March 28-29, should you want to visit a city at its expected best it might be adviceable to go there. However these numbers are just estimations and could still vary. We recommend you to check again for updates on the 2018 forecast!

      Happy travels!

  36. Hi! Thank you for this post!
    I have a question. After the full bloom, there will still be some flowers right? Because I arrive in Osaka April 1st, it says the Full Bloom is March 30… Hopefully I’ll see some sakura, right?
    Tokyo apparently I won’t be able to see any, because I arrive only April 10th.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Gabriela!

      The expected flowering date for Kyoto is March 20th, and the full bloom is expected to be slightly ahead than it usually is: March 29th. Of course, after the full bloom date you will still be able to see flowers. However we strongly recommend you to check the forecast for further updates.

      We hope you enjoy your trip!

  37. Hello, I have planned a trip to Osaka from the 7th of April would the flower still be in bloom or already beginning to drop?

    1. Hi Sera!

      The best times to visit (full bloom) are expected to be around March 28 in Osaka but please check again for updates on the forecast – it is constantly changing!

      We hope you enjoy Japan!

  38. Hey we are reaching tokyo by 1st april kyoto by 7th april and osaka by 13th april…is there a chance we would be able to see the full bloom or do u recommend to shift the itinerary a week early?

    1. Hi Priyanka!

      When it comes to cherry blossom it is difficult make exact predictions. The ones you see in this article are based on Japan Meteorological Corporation and are updated on a weekly basis; however it is not possible to know in advance which will be the exact date of full bloom.

      According to last trends, the best times to visit (full bloom) are expected to be around April 1st in Osaka and April 2nd in Kyoto.

      We hope you get to enjoy Japan at its full bloom!

  39. Hello I have question – you mentioned that the full bloom would last around a week. So based from Feb 22nd forecast, Tokyo’s full bloom begins March 26 and one week would be till April 1st. In general, would the flowers still look as great and beautiful 2-3 days after the full bloom? Or would the wind/rain wash them away after that?

    I`m arriving in Tokyo on April 2nd and it would be great if we could still catch the full bloom rather than what’s left of it.

    Thanks so much for updating us with forecasts! hopefully forecast date would move a little later.

    1. Hi light!

      The cherry blossom forecast is just that – a prediction on what will happen based on meteorological available data. However it may not fully reflect reality and it might as well change with time. We recommend you to stick to our article to be aware of the latest updates! To make sure you don’t miss a word we recommend you to also follow our related articles:

      Cherry blossoms in Tokyo: Best spots and 2018 forecast
      Best cherry blossom festivals and viewing spots in Japan
      Cherry blossom travel: tips for the 2018 season

      We hope you get to see Japan at its full bloom!

    2. Yes, 2-3 days after full bloom should be good. Beyond, it depends. If it is windy and rainy, the flowers may fall pretty quickly.

      But be prepared to some uncertainties in the predictions. Last year forecasts suggested early bloom, but a cold just before flowering delayed things by several days!

  40. Hi!
    I’m travelling to Japan from March 22 to April 13…
    About Sakura in TOKYO I feel puzzled…
    Why Sakura in this city occur so early and does not follow a South-West >> North-East axis after KYUSHU and KANSAI…?
    I think that last year Sakura in KANSAI and TOKYO occured about the same period.

    Thanks for updating us 😉

    1. Hi Kamel!

      The information is weekly updated with information from the Japan Meteorological Corporation. Please note dates may slightly change when there is more information available. According to the last estimations, the flowering date expected for Tokyo is March 20th and the full bloom date, March 28th. We recommend you to check our article on a weekly basis so as not to miss any interesting update. We would also like to recommend you our article Cherry blossoms in Tokyo: Best spots and 2018 forecast. We are sure it will be of big interest for your trip!

      Happy travels!

  41. The forecast date for Hakodate as shown March 30 and April 4- I suspect should be Apr 30 and May 4 , since it is in the North should be closer to Sapporo. Please clarify , thank you

  42. Hello. I was just curious about how accurate the first forecast usually is. I land in Tokyo on March 30th and I’m hoping I’m not too late to see sakura. If it does hit full bloom by March 26th, will I still have much to see by the time I get in?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi April!

      The full bloom lasts for approximately one week so you should be able to see it at least in some of the Tokyo parks. Please keep in mind that this is just the first forecast from the Japan Meteorological Corporation, so make sure to check again before your trip.

      Have a nice trip!

  43. Hi,
    I read that Cherry blossom in Hokkaido is early May but your dates for Hakkodate is early April.
    Can you please confirm?
    I am planning a trip to Hokkaido from 8th May after the golden week and hopefully can see some cherry blossom in Hakkodate.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kimmie!

      Please note that this is a forecast based on Japan Meteorological Corporation and thus reality may not end up being as described in advance. With the available information, full bloom at Hakodate is expected to be around 4th April, however the expected flowering date is late March. We recommend you to come back since this article is constantly being updated with latest available trends.

      Have a nice trip!

  44. Today i book Fly to Tokyo for 22th March to 30th . I hope this forecast will not change , otherwise i should change fly .

  45. Hi there,

    Before you board your international flight, there are a few things you should know, such as the cultural significance of the cherry blossom, when and where to see them, and how to capture the best cherry blossom photographs. For that reason, please check our article “Cherry blossom travel: tips for the 2018 season

    Hope it helps!

    Kind regards

  46. Wow! Hokkaido is a vast space, yet it is one prefecture of 47 within Japan. In a few months, I will be visiting Hokkaido, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Regrettably, I’ll be missing cherry blossom season this time around. But, I’m looking forward to visiting again and enjoying it next time!

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