How to get from Narita Airport to Osaka

Narita International Airport is the gateway most travelers take into Japan. It is located in the Chiba prefecture some distance from Tokyo. There are a number of options available for travel to Osaka after your plane touches down. The following guide can help you select the travel services that are right for you.

Osaka has become a destination by its own merits. As a port city, Osaka is known for its merchants and delicious food, especially street food. In fact, Osaka is sometimes referred to as “the kitchen of Japan.”

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Super Nintendo World at Japan’s Universal Studios

Japan’s much-anticipated Super Nintendo World opened its doors for business on March 18th, 2021, coinciding with the start of Universal Studios Japan (USJ) ’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Located in USJ in Osaka Prefecture, Super Nintendo World allows guests to experience the wonderment of playing their first Mario video game all over again. Get all the details you need to plan your Universal Studios Japan vacation.

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Visiting Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

Universal Studios Japan was the first Universal theme park built in Asia, and it remains one of the best. In fact, its popularity in Japan is second only to the Tokyo Disney Resort.

You can enjoy many rides, from child-friendly attractions to thrilling roller coasters based on hit movie franchises. Your children can have their picture taken with all their favorite characters, and there are a number of theatrical spectacles to enjoy.

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