Hyperdia - Japan Rail Schedules

HyperDia is the number 1 Japanese online transportation planning tool. It is a mobile and web app which enables you to plan your trip from station to station with precise punctuality.

What is Hyperdia?

HyperDia is a web and mobile app, which can be used as a guide to location in Japan. It is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese and will give you direct access to up-to-date schedules, train information, prices, as well as journey times. You can plan future trips, by just selecting the destination, journey date, and arrival or departure time.

Furthermore, the app will give you access to useful links, such as hotels, car rental services, and restaurants for the selected locations. You can filter your searches, by deselecting or selecting more options from the "More options" menu (see example below).

HyperDia offers detailed timetables, platform information, and journey times and distances for the entire Japanese rail network. The website and app are user-friendly and help you to organize your trips in Japan. Transportation in Japan is so punctual that you rarely have to worry about delays. You can use HyperDia to plan your trip and travel the certainty that everything will go according to plan.

HyperDia filters

After selecting the preferred language, type the place where you are departing from in the From field and the place you want to go to in the To field. Hyperdia will generate a list of possible options to select after you have entered the first few letters.

If you are using the app, you can click on the Near button, to see all the nearby stations. You can also then select your departure date and time, in case you wish to plan a future trip.

After having made all the main selections, you can also click more options to view all the filters available. As you can see from the image, you can select the particular type of transport you wish to use.

Please note the Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansen trains are not available with the Japan Rail Pass. This is why we strongly recommend unchecking this option, before proceeding with your search.

HyperDia offers all the possible options to get you from point A to point B, for the selected date and time. The example gives you a clear view of the route suggestions. HyperDia will generate the following information:

HyperDia route

Scroll down on the web to see all the possible results and make your preferred selection. Once you have chosen the option that matches your personal preferences, you are ready to go.

How to use Hyperdia

Read the following list of tips on how to use understand Hyperdia. Even though the visible information is more than useful, you can take even greater advantage of the services in the following ways:

1. Pay attention to the train schedule

Sometimes, choosing which train to take can be confusing, as the name of your destination and the name of the destination written on the train may not match (90% of the time they do). Pay attention to the information located below the train names (see image above). By clicking on Train timetable you can see the full list of stops and the destination of the train. You can verify you are taking the right train with this information.

HyperDia train timetable

2. Pay attention to the station timetable

The Station Timetable button will give you detailed insight into what type of trains depart from each station. This is an excellent way to understand whether you will be taking a local or an express train. It can be confusing at times, so using this option helps you to verify you are taking the fastest train possible which makes the least stops on the way to your destination.

HyperDia station timetable

3. No seat reservation charges

When you select your preferred route, you will see different prices for seat reservations from the suggestions made by Hyperdia. Japan Rail Pass holders do not have to pay for seat reservations and can ignore these suggested prices. Similarly, the Green Seat offer will also be free for everyone who has purchased a Green Pass.

This is especially useful for people traveling with large luggage who need to take more than one train to get to their destination. Making a seat reservation in advance will make your trip smoother and easier.

HyperDia seat options

Tip: Always make a seat reservation in advance. You can do so just before boarding the train or a couple of hours before. Online seat reservations are not possible, but it is straightforward to make a reservation at the ticket desk at any train station.
Note: Regardless of whether you are traveling with a Standard Japan Rail Pass or with the Green Pass, you will not be charged for making seat reservations. However, if you have purchased a Standard Japan Rail Pass you would be charged for reserving a Green seat.

Alternatives to Hyperdia

Google Maps is always an alternative to any transport planning tool. Even though we recommend using HyperDia for long-distance journeys (such as Tokyo to Kyoto), Google Maps can be very useful when it comes to locating your station and moving around different cities. You can also use our interactive, printable maps for subway and railway lines.

Google maps as Hyperdia alternative

Note: Most streets in Japan have no names. The ones that do will be confusing to tourists as even locals often need a map to locate a particular building.

For example, a building numbered 5 could be located next to number 75. This means that having reliable internet access is essential if you do not want to get lost. Using Google Maps allows you to see your exact location and find nearby buildings, without having to translate any Japanese.