Japan Rail Pass prices to increase in October: What we know so far

The Japan Rail Pass, a popular and cost-effective way for foreign tourists to explore Japan by train, is set to experience a significant price increase starting October 2023.

Below, we explain the reasons for why Japan Railways is increasing the price of the JR Pass. We also provide a comparison table of current and new prices, and offer tips on how to secure passes at the current price before October.

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Shinkansen tickets: How to buy and use

Traveling around Japan using Shinkansen bullet trains is an absolute pleasure. They’re comfortable, convenient, luxurious, and above all, super-fast! However, at first, it can be difficult to know where and how to buy Shinkansen tickets.

Everyone wants to get the best value tickets possible, but without doing extensive research it can be tricky. This guide to Shinkansen tickets will explain the different types, where to buy them from, how to use them, and how you can save money by getting the best-value tickets.

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