Visiting Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido

Daisetsuzan National Park is a huge, rugged wilderness area on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido. Established in 1934, it is a popular destination for hiking and camping, and one of the first places in the country to welcome both fall foliage and snowfall in the autumn.

One of the most mountainous and biggest national parks in the entire country, Daisetsuzan is larger than some Japanese prefectures and is home to a variety of rare species of flora and fauna. Daisetsuzan means “great snowy mountains” in Japanese, and the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido also call the area Kamui Mintara,  meaning “playground of the gods.”

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Autumn in Japan: 2021 Fall Foliage Forecast

Japan is famous for its four distinct and breathtaking seasons, and many visitors to the country often consider the Japanese autumn to be the most beautiful. As temperatures dip after the scorching summer, the colors of the leaves change into vibrant shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. This fall foliage is a magnificent sight that has inspired artists and poets for centuries.

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Matsuyama Travel Guide

Capital of the Ehime prefecture and the largest city on Shikoku Island, Matsuyama has lots to offer tourists in Japan.

In addition to its famous castle and hot springs, Matsuyama is home to important museums including The Museum of Art, Ehime and The Shiki Memorial Museum.

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