Visiting the Izu Peninsula with the Izu Craile Train

Izu Craile resort Train

Natural hot springs, beaches, mountains, and scenic coasts. This is just a taste of what the Izu Peninsula has to offer. Located conveniently near Tokyo and the Mount Fuji area, this resort area is the perfect getaway during your next trip to Japan. Start planning your vacation today using this helpful guide.

How to get there by train

While in Japan, you’ll likely use the train system often. Access to trains can be easy and affordable when you use the Japan Rail Pass. Find out how to use your JR Pass on your next trip to Izu.

From Tokyo to Izu. From either Tokyo or Shinjuku stations, take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen to either the Atami or Mishima stations, located at the north of the Izu Peninsula. This trip will take 40 to 60 minutes. From Atami Station, you may take the JR Ito Line farther south to Ito. Other train lines are available within the peninsula, but they are not covered by the JR Pass.

From Kyoto to Izu. From Kyoto Station, take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen line to either Atami or Mishima stations. Both are located at the north of the Izu Peninsula. The journey takes about two hours.

From Osaka to Izu. From Osaka, take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Mishima Station or Atami Station. The journey lasts around two hours.

Getting around Izu

Local trains run twice per hour. Please note that JR Pass holders will be asked to pay a supplement fee when using non-JR lines. The Tokai Bus is another option. The bus network is centered around the peninsula’s major train stations. Prepaid IC cards are not accepted, but a number of one and two-day bus passes are available.

Alternatively, you may want to discover this area using a rented car, motorcycle, or bicycle. Rental centers may be found near most railway stations. Roads in the area are well maintained, but it should be noted that mountain roads may be steep and winding, so exercise due to caution.

Izu Craile resort train

Another way to see the peninsula is in the comfort of the Izu Craile resort train, covered by the JR Pass. This train generally runs between Odawara and Izukyu Shimoda on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Along the way, passengers can view stunning scenery along the Izu coastline. In the first car, seats face the sea to offer the best view, and in the second car, passengers can enjoy a bar and lounge. Culinary offerings, prepared by French chef Sakura Akimoto, include local ingredients.

Izu Craile resort train regular stops
Izu Craile regular stops, between Odawara and Izukyu-Shimoda. Image by: JR East

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Things to do in Izu

If traveling to Izu in early spring, the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival is not to be missed. Izu’s trees are some of the first to bloom in Japan, painting the landscape from early February to early March.

Izu has other natural beauties on display year round. View the dramatic coastline of the Irozaki Coast in southern Izu, or brave the suspension bridge at the Jogasaki Coast. Take a chairlift to the summit of Mount Omuro, a grass-covered, extinct volcano. Or, hike to the seven waterfalls of the Kawazu Nanadaru. The tallest fall is 30 meters in height.

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls
Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

Need to unwind? Let the waters of the Shuzenji hot spring resort soothe your cares away. You may also enjoy a quiet afternoon viewing the beautiful works housed at the MOA Museum of Art. Tour the former ryokans of Tokaikan and Kiunkaku.

So, are you ready for a relaxing stay in Izu? With your JR Pass in hand, paradise is only a train ride away.

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