Studio Ghibli Theme Park will open in 2022: What we know so far

Children around the world have grown up with beloved animated films from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Since 1984, Studio Ghibli films have often served as an introduction to the wider world of anime and have obtained a cult following all their own.

Many Ghibli fans have already made a pilgrimage to the popular Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo. Others eagerly anticipate the 2020 release of the first Ghibli film since the studio went on hiatus in 2014, following Miyazaki’s retirement. Fans will be thrilled to learn that the construction of a Ghibli theme park is underway that will bring the films to life.

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Why travel to Japan? 20 best reasons to visit it

There are a endless number of reasons to visit Japan, as the country has something to entice almost every kind of traveler.

Whether you’re dying to explore Japanese history and culture at the variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country, indulge in diverse Japanese cuisine, or experience a ride on the lighting-fast Shinkansen trains, a trip to Japanese promises adventure around every corner.

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Planning a trip to Japan: Travel Guide

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you may at first feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of exciting cities, stunning natural landscapes, and unique historical attractions to visit.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled this handy Japan guide to help you make informed decisions about what you want to get out of your trip, how to prepare, and the services and facilities that may be useful to you during your stay.

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15 best movies to watch before traveling to Japan

There are plenty of Hollywood movies based on Japanese culture you could watch before traveling to Japan, such as Memoirs of a Geisha, The Last Samurai, or the remake of J-horror Ringu.

However, there are a number of other Japanese films and Japan-set movies that can give you a much better view of both modern life in Japan and its history, and current Japanese pop culture.

If you’re looking for some cinematic inspiration when planning a trip, browse the list below for some of the best Japanese films ever made and where to watch them.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics delayed until 2021 due to Coronavirus

In a joint statement, the organizers of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have announced that the event has been postponed until 2021, and will take place in the summer of that year.

The Games were due to start on July 24th, 2020, but Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and IOC President Thomas Bach have both agreed to the delay due to the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.

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Things to know before traveling to Japan

Japan is truly a captivating country where the past meets the future in seamless harmony. Only in Japan can you go from having your dinner served by robots, to traveling through the picture-perfect and quiet countryside.

Discovering Japan is understanding the many nuances that make this country unique, so to help you prepare your trip we have gathered a list of important information you should know before your trip to the land of the Rising Sun.

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