Byodoin Temple: The “Pure Land Paradise”

Byodoin is a stunning Buddhist temple located in the small city of Uji. There is an incredible amount to see at the UNESCO World Heritage site which has drawn visitors for over 1000 years.

It’s such an iconic landmark in Japan that it appears on the 10 yen coin.
Along with its garden, the temple represents the “Pure Land Paradise” and its design was highly influential on subsequent temple construction.

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How to get to Roppongi and what to do

Roppongi, meaning “six trees,” is a neighborhood of contradictions. It is home to head offices of huge companies such as Google and Goldman Sachs. It offers all-inclusive living spaces that include apartments, parks, shopping, and office space.

Enormous game-changing skyscrapers enclose luxury hotels, such as the Ritz-Carlton. The neighborhood is considered a hive of fine art and architecture. Roppongi and the surrounding districts host a large expat community and several foreign embassies. But that’s not all.

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Tenjin Matsuri 2019: Osaka’s Festival of the Gods

The Tenjin Matsuri Festival in Osaka is considered one of Japan’s top 3 festivals (along with Gion Matsuri, Kyoto and Kanda Matsuri, Tokyo). The festival honors the deity of scholarship, Sugawara Michizane, and includes a range of lively festivities over 2 days.

The festival starts on July 24 and lasts 2 days. It starts with a ceremony inviting the deity out of the shrine and ends with a spectacular display of fireworks over the Okawa River.

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Mount Fuji climbing guide: When to go and how to do it

Climbing Mt Fuji is on many travelers’ bucket lists. The iconic peak, which has inspired Japanese art and literature for centuries, is both Japan’s highest and most famous mountain.

The height of Mount Fuji is 12.390 feet (3776 meters) and there are different ways to climb it. There are 4 main routes which differ in difficulty and the time needed to make the journey. The views from the top combined with the sense of achievement make the trip incredibly rewarding.

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