Celebrating 25 years of Pixar with a new Kyushu Shinkansen

pixar shinkansen outside

Join some of your favorite animated characters as you board the new Pixar bullet train in Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost island.

The Go! Waku Waku Adventure with Pixar project marks the 25th anniversary of Toy Story, the family classic that introduced us to Woody, Mr. Potato Head, and of course Buzz Lightyear.

Be among the first to ride aboard the Pixar bullet train. The adventure begins at Hakata Station, Fukuoka, on September 12th, 2020 bound for Kumamoto and Kagoshima Chuo. If you’re among the passengers on this introductory trip, you’ll also be awarded a commemorative certificate and original flag.

pixar shinkansen passengers

The great news is you can enjoy the Pixar bullet train using a Japan Rail Pass, just like any regular Kyushu Shinkansen!

Designed to Celebrate Kyushu and Pixar

pixar shinkansen inside

The brand new Shinkansen bullet train boasts a colorful design both inside and out: bright patterns represent the prefectures of Kyushu and together form a map of the island.

Pixar shinkansen nose

The train’s exterior also features the emblematic Pixar Lamp plus familiar faces from the Toy Story franchise.

pixar iconic lamp on the shinkasen

Aboard the train you’ll be welcomed by more treasured Pixar characters: look out for Nemo, Dory, and Wall-E which decorate the seat covers.

The Pixar Animation Studios Legacy

Since the release of Toy Story in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has gone on to create critically acclaimed movies including Cars, Monsters Inc., and A Bugs Life.

Pixar’s highly anticipated 23rd feature animation, “Soul” is due for release on December 11th in Japan (November 20th in the US).

The Pixar bullet train commemorates this legacy just as the 2019 Go! Waku Waku Trip with Mickey Shinkansen was inspired by Disney’s most iconic mascot. Both experiences add extra fun and excitement to high-speed train travel in Japan.

Rest assured, COVID-19 measures are being taken to protect the health of passengers and crew including the use of masks and thorough disinfection of carriages between journeys so your wellbeing is guaranteed.

Source: https://www.jrkyushu.co.jp/train/wakuwaku-adventure/


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