Top 10 restaurants in Japanese train stations

Traveling can be a hungry endeavor. If you are like many travelers, sampling unique and different foods is an integral part of the journey.

Whether you are looking to grab a quick snack during a train transfer, pass the time as you await your departure, or indulge in traditional or gourmet cuisine, Japan’s train stations offer something for every taste. Extended hours and shorter wait times mean you can count on something to eat almost any time of day, whether you are starting your travels early on returning after a long day of sightseeing. Book your Japan Rail Pass today, and send your taste buds on the journey of a lifetime.

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Japanese fireworks: The best 8 hanabi festivals in 2021

Fireworks are a huge deal in Japan and during the summer there are Japanese fireworks festivals practically every weekend. In Japan, they are called Hanabi festivals (Hanabi meaning fireworks).

Practically all the major Japanese firework shows take place in July, August, and September. The annual extravaganza is a long-standing tradition which is very popular with locals.

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Niigata Travel Guide: Access and what to do

Niigata Prefecture, located in the Chubu Region and skirting the Sea of Japan, is well known for its quality rice, summer fireworks, winter skiing, and year-round onsen. The prefecture’s capital, Niigata City, represents the largest port on the nation’s Japan Sea coast, home to more than 800 thousand people.

One of Niigata’s most famous landmarks is the six arches of the Bandai Bridge. The bridge was completed in 1929. It is illuminated at night and supports 20,000 dancers during the annual daiminyonagashi, or Folk Dancing Parade. The bridge represents just one of the sights that Niigata has to offer.

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The 7 best food festivals in Japan

Across Japan, you will encounter celebrations called matsuri. Matsuri are festivals, ranging from Shinto shrine festivals to government holidays to food festivals. They may celebrate the changing of the seasons, a historical event, or traditional culture. In this travel guide, we will focus on a specific type of matsuri: the food festival.

When traveling abroad, sampling traditional cuisine is one of the best ways to experience the authentic culture. Said cookbook author Ronni Lundy, “If you read between the lines of recipes, you can often find the things unspoken, the clues to their lives, the keys to discovering what they value. You see what’s important enough to make for a celebration…it’s all there, just between the lines.”

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The 10 best onsen and onsen towns in Japan

No trip to Japan is complete without a relaxing dip in an onsen. What is an onsen? Onsen are natural hot springs, fueled by volcanic activity, as well as the resort atmosphere that has emerged around many such springs.

Japan offers around 2,300 onsen to choose from, many of them included in ryokan (traditional inns). We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best onsen in Japan. No matter what region you’re traveling to, you’ll be able to unwind. Reaching the onsen is simple and affordable when you use Japan Railways and the Japan Rail Pass.

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