Hotel discounts with the Japan Rail Pass

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Short-term foreign visitors to Japan have had the opportunity to enjoy the Japan Rail Pass for many years now. Even though the JR Pass offers great value for money, many tourists still may not know one important detail about accommodation possibilities, included in the Japan Rail Pass.

Holders of the Japan Rail Pass are entitled to discounted prices for all Japan Railways Group trains, including the Shinkansen bullet trains, Narita Express (N’EX from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to the city center), the loop metro lines in Tokyo and Kyoto as well as bus and ferry transport services. What is more, visitors can also take advantage of discounted prices with the JR Hotel Group.

Founded in 1987, JR Hotel Group is the largest joint business venture in Japan. With 65 hotels located near major train stations and spread all around the country, the Japan Rail Pass discount opportunities make for the best value for money vacation plan in Japan. The hotels are situated in many great locations such as major Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka train stations.

Some of the most popular JR hotels amongst JR Pass holders are:

  • Tokyo Station Hotel
  • Hotel Mets Shibuya
  • Hotel Granvia Kyoto
  • Hotel Granvia Hiroshima
  • Hotel Granvia Osaka
  • Hotel Metropolitan Edmont
  • Hotel Metropolitan Morioka

All of these plus 58 hotels more form part of the Japan Rail discounted hotels. If you present your Japan Rail Pass at the reception upon arrival, you may also enjoy some special services (depending on the hotel).

Tokyo Station Hotel
The Tokyo Station Hotel is a luxury one, located very near the Imperial Palace

The JR hotels advantages

Japan Rail hotels offer a wide selection of great locations for travelers with various tastes or preferences. Most hotels are conveniently located near your selected points of interest, at the perfect restaurants and shopping areas or in close proximity to your departure/arrival train station. Whatever is your preferred hotel location type, the Japan Rail hotels just might have what you are looking for at a special discounted rate.

Price-wise, there is a wide selection of luxury, upscale or best value for money hotels. However, depending on the season and currency exchange, prices may vary. Make sure to ask about the discounted prices once you arrive at the hotel. You will need to present your valid Japan Rail Pass when checking in.

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16 thoughts on “Hotel discounts with the Japan Rail Pass”
  1. Dear sir/madam
    We will be taking the shinkansen from Tokyo to Toyama.
    Toyama day trip to Kanazawa
    Then we will be taking the local trains from Toyama to Takayama and Takayama to Nagoya.
    Lastly from Nagoya back to Tokyo
    Will we be able to travel for free using the JR pass?
    Does it cover the Alphine route?
    Thank you

    1. Hi S L Song!

      Yes – you will be able to cover almost the whole trip with your Japan Rail Pass!

      – To get from Tokyo to Toyam you may take the Hokuriku Shinkansen. This line will also cover your day trip between Toyama and Kanazawa.
      – Then you can take the Takayama Line to Nagoya, which is also covered by the Japan Rail Pass.
      – Last but not least, you will also be able to use your Japan Rail Pass to get from Nagoya to Tokyo by riding the Tokaido Shinkansen line.

      Happy travels!

  2. Hi, iam travelling japan with my family November last week..

    I have 2 questions
    1: if I buying jr pass 1 week, in jr hotel what discounts are you give me..
    2: in November last week cherry blossom Japan which city..
    hope you will reply soon
    Thank you jr full team

    1. Hi Faisal! Cherry blossom season typically occurs in late March and early April, so if you are travelling in November you won’t be able to see any of it yet. Regarding the hotel discounts you can get with your Japan Rail Pass, please read this article you are commenting – all the details you need are detailed here 😉 Happy travels!

  3. Hi,
    I want to go to Imperial palace from Tokyo tower, is there a train I can use that is coveres by JR Pass?

  4. Hi! We plan to stay at Hotel Mets Tabata, Kita-Ku, Tokyo in October. Can you please advise on the best means of reaching the hotel from Narita/ Haneda airport?

    1. Hi Dhiraj!

      Tokyo’s center can be reached from both airports with your Japan Rail Pass. From Narita Airport you can travel in the Narita Express, and from Haneda you can just take the Tokyo Monorail.

      Regarding the best way to reach your hotel, we recommend you to contact their staff directly – they are the ones who will give you the best advice 😉

      Happy travels!

  5. How do I get discounts on hotels with rail pass?
    Can I book the hotel in advance and get a discount by rail pass?

  6. Hi, can I use te JR pass in order to go from Tokyo to Chiba city

  7. Hello,

    We will be visiting Japan in July. Plan to stay in Tokyo for a few days then visit to Osaka and Kyōto, what is the best route to take from Tokyo to Osaka and from Osaka to Kyōto Via the JR line, do we need to take any local lines where we need to pay extras in between the JR route on our way there?

    Thank you in advance!

  8. We arrive in Tokyo Narita on the 7th April 2018, and looking to stay in Yokohama for two nights. We have our exchange vouchers for JR Pass Green Car. We have observed that one of your Hotels in Yokohama – Hotel New Grand is one of them. Would we be entitled to discount prices? and if so, how would we book this hotel, is there a Code to quote – would it be through this company.
    I look forward to your reply.

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