Hello Kitty Haruka: The new Kansai Airport Transfer

Hello Kitty Haruka

The eagerly-anticipated new Hello Kitty Haruka train is finally in operation! Fans of the global phenomenal can now ride the new Haruka Express which is covered in Hello Kitty-themed illustrations and exciting features.

Both the interior and exterior are breathtaking. The concept is based on the Japanese kawaii (cute) style and the trains will be pink and white. The cars will be decked in adorable design features of the famous Sanrio character. Floral and kimono motifs and patterns also feature heavily.

With over $50 billion in sales worldwide, Hello Kitty has become the second highest grossing franchise in the world. Millions of people around the world will be keen to experience the new special-edition super express train.

Route, travel times and schedule

The new Hello Kitty train was unveiled to the world last summer but only began running on January 29. The train will take passengers from Kansai Airport to Osaka and Kyoto (also the route backwards).

The train covers the distance between Kansai Airport and Tennoji in 35 minutes, reaches Shin-Osaka in 50 minutes and Kyoto Station in 80 minutes.

The Hello Kitty Haruka operates as a normal Haruka Express (Kansai Airport Transfer), however, only certain trains of this railway will be “Hello Kitty HARUKA”. Schedules vary by day, and there are also dates when Hello Kitty HARUKA does not work at all. Check on this website, updated daily, the the next day schedule for Hello Kitty Haruka.

Hello Kitty Haruka decoration

Ride the Hello Kitty Haruka with your JR Pass

You can ride the Hello Kitty train for no extra cost with your Japan Rail Pass and you can also make a seat reservation for free. To avoid disappointment, it is worth booking as early as possible as the train is so popular.

Hello Kitty Haruka’s tickets prices without JR Pass:

  • Kansai Airport to Kyoto: 1880 yens
  • Kansai Airport to Osaka: 1360 yens
  • Kansai Airport to Tennoji: 1060 yens

This is not the first time a Hello Kitty train has been in operation in Japan. The Hello Kitty Shinkansen runs on the Sanyo Shinkansen line to the delight of thousands of passengers. Other special-editions which have run on JR lines include Pokemon with You, Anpanman, and Kumamon-themed trains.

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