Kansai-Hokuriku Area Pass

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Explore the Kansai and Hokuriku regions of Japan the easy way. One rail pass, unlimited travel!

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With the Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass, foreign visitors can enjoy unlimited travel on JR trains in the Kansai and Hokuriku regions and Okayama.

The Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass is valid for 7 consecutive days and includes some Shinkansen and limited express trains. It’s a great option if you want to explore this area of Japan by train and bus.

This guide to the JR West Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass explains how it works and what's included. Decide if this pass is right for you and how to request yours online.

How it works

What is included?

When is it good for?

When is it good for?

The Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass is good for 7 consecutive days (including weekends). Keep in mind that this validity period is in days, not hours. The rail pass validity starts and ends at midnight, regardless of what time you used your pass for the first time.

Make sure you plan all your journeys within this 7-day period. Rail passes can be used 12 months of the year, including during cherry blossom season so you can move around and see the best blooms, for example in Kobe or Nara.

Once you’ve swapped your Exchange Order for your pass, you cannot change the start date.

The 7-day validity makes it suitable for touring multiple cities during your stay. Get the most out of your time in Japan by visiting Kyoto, Osaka, Kanazawa, and more.

Eligibility and validity requirements

Eligibility and validity requirements

The Kansai Hokuriku Pass is only available to temporary foreign visitors. It cannot be obtained or used by residents of Japan.

It is a single-person pass. The pass cannot be shared by multiple visitors, each traveler needs their own pass. To ensure compliance, the pass holder must carry their passport with them at all times when using their pass.

In addition, you cannot buy more than one Kansai Hokuriku Pass for the same period.

Travelers need an Adult ticket if they are aged 12 or over on the day the exchange order is issued or pass purchased.

Children aged 6 to 11 get a discounted pass. A maximum of 2 infants (aged 1 to 5) can travel with each adult or child pass holder for free. All babies less than 1 year old can ride the trains for free.

Prices are set to be reviewed on March 16, 2024.

Refunds will not be given if the pass:

  • Has been used
  • Has reached its expiry date
  • For delays or services that are not available

Passes that are lost, stolen, or damaged will not be reissued.

Exchange your pass

You can buy your Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass online, just like the JR Pass. You’ll be issued with an Exchange Order which you’ll need to exchange for a pass at one of the major stations.

Exchanging your voucher for your pass is simple. At the exchange office, simply present your passport and Exchange Order. You’ll then be issued the actual Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass.

You can complete the exchange at the following JR Pass exchange offices.

Why a Regional Pass?

Why a Regional Pass?

The Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass is an excellent option for tourists who are only visiting this area of Japan. Offering great value for money, you can explore several important cities with this pass including Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Fukui, and Komatsu.

Key benefits of choosing a regional pass for your trip include:

  • Economical: a regional pass is a more cost-effective option. Pay only for the area you’ll visit instead of the nationwide JR Pass.
  • Discounts for children: children between the ages of 6 and 11 pay half the price of an adult pass.
  • Explore further: discover the region in depth by focusing your train travel on one specific area.
  • Local train access: get access to local and limited express trains on designated routes. See smaller towns as well as major cities.
  • Travel high-speed: the Sanyo and Hokuriku Shinkansen trains are included in this regional pass.

However, if you would like to see beyond the Kansai and Hokuriku regions during your stay in Japan, you might want to consider getting the full Japan Rail Pass. You can find out more about the JR Pass and its benefits in the next section.

Whole Japan Rail Pass

The Japan Rail Pass covers the entire country and is your best option if you want to visit several different regions. Not sure which to go for? Consider the following JR Pass benefits to help you decide.

unlimited acces

Unlimited Access: The Japan Rail Pass offers unlimited access to JR's extensive network. Travel around Japan by train restriction-free.

whole Japan

Explore all of Japan: Travel wherever you want across the country — JR Pass coverage spans the entirety of Japan.

full Shinkansen network

Full Shinkansen network: Get access to the entire bullet train network with the JR Pass. Travel across Japan at high speed and in total comfort.

main airport transfers

Main airport transfers: The JR Pass includes transfers between major airports and the city center. Start and end your trip to Japan the easy way.

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