Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) FAQ

Is there Wi-fi on the Japanese trains?

WiFi access is not available across all of the Shinkansen lines. The train network is currently being modernized so, by the end of 2020, free wifi will be available on all the trains.

Free access to WLANs (wireless local area networks) will soon be available on the Tokaido Shinkansen line from Tokyo to Osaka. The Sanyo Shinkansen line from Osaka to Fukuoka is also likely to provide WiFi access as both lines are connected.

In addition, free WiFi access will be offered in the waiting rooms of all 17 stations along the Tokaido Line, as well as on the popular Hida Limited Express train from Nagoya to Takayama.

In the meantime, you can rent a Pocket WiFi which offers high-speed internet access 24/7. It is possible to connect up to 5 devices to the Pocket WiFi and it supports PC, Mac, iOS and Android.