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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I buy the Japan Rail Pass? How do I activate the Japan Rail Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass is a special discounted ticket that is not sold in Japan. It is created for foreign visitors who enter Japan temporary for touristic and leisure purposes. You can buy the JR Pass from this website: https://www.jrailpass.com.

How can I buy the Japan Rail Pass?

You can buy your Japan Rail Pass via this website in a few easy steps. Once your online order is confirmed, we will send by post an Exchange Order (JR voucher). You can receive it either at your country or have it delivered to your temporary residence in Japan. This is a voucher, which needs to be exchanged for the actual rail pass once you are in Japan, up to three (3) months after the order was issued. Note that the Exchange Order has a validity period of 90 consecutive days.

How do I activate the Japan Rail Pass? 

Once you arrive in Japan with your JR Exchange Order, go to any of the JR Exchange offices (located inside of all main airport terminals, as well as train and metro stations). To make the exchange you will need your passport (with a Tourist Visa stamp/sticker in it) and the physical Exchange Order. No printed copies nor photos of the order will be accepted, only original documents. During the process, you will be asked when you wish to activate your Japan Rail Pass. You will need to choose the first day on which you wish to start using it.

Note: The activation date can be up to 30 consecutive days after the exchange process. You are not required to activate your Japan Rail Pass on the date of making the exchange.