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When is the Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Japan is one of the most incredible places to visit in the world but it is also one of the most expensive. For this reason, it is worth doing some research into how you can economize.

Traveling around Japan is normally expensive, but you can make significant savings using a JR Pass. It is a cost-effective way of getting around Japan though you need to order one before you arrive in Japan.

Is ordering a Japan Rail Pass really worth it? It depends on your itinerary and your travels in Japan, but in many cases the answer is yes.

Will a JR Pass save you money?

The JR Pass gives you unlimited access to all JR trains and buses, ferry services and airport transfers for ¥50,000 (7-day pass).

This means that if you make several trips exceeding this amount during your stay in Japan, you’ll start saving money.

What’s more, when you factor in the money you’ll spend on subway, bus, ferry and airport transfers, in addition to Shinkansen trips, the savings with the JR Pass can be significant.

What advantages does it offer?

Saving money is the main reason why people buy a Japan Rail Pass. However, there are more advantages.

It is very easy to use and it saves the hassle of constantly needing to buy tickets every time you use a train or any other form of public transport. Instead, you simply flash your JR Pass to gain access.

You can also make seat reservations using your JR Pass. This is especially advantageous during busy times, as you can ensure getting a seat and avoid standing up for long journeys.

Finally, from October 2023, travelers with a JR Pass will enjoy discounts at several major tourist attractions in Japan.

When is it not worth it?

It is not worth buying a JR Pass in certain situations that comes down to simple math.

A 7-day JR Pass costs ¥50,000, or ¥7142.85 per day. If you calculate that your travel costs will be lower if you buy individual tickets for each journey, then it’s not worth buying a JR Pass.

However, if you take into account journeys on Shinkansen high-speed trains or other means of transport, the savings you make become substantial. So it can be worthwhile ordering a JR Pass.