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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I pick up the Data SIM in Japan?

The Data SIM Card, just like the Pocket Wi-Fi, can be picked up at your arrival airport in Japan or it can be delivered to your hotel in Japan.

You may choose one of the two options during the final order confirmation process on this website.

Once completing the purchase, we will send an e-mail with all the needed delivery details. Furthermore, you will be contacted three days before arriving in Japan with a reminder email, containing all the necessary pickup details such as location and timing.

Similar to the Pocket Wi-Fi, the Data SIM pick up time is calculated by summing one hour to your flight's arrival time.

Arrival time: 17:45
Pick up time: 18:45

For more information on airport pickup locations (same as the Pocket Wi-Fi), working hours and visual location maps, please refer to the Pocket Wi-Fi instructions (PDF).