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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I return the Pocket Wi-Fi device?

You will receive your Pocket Wi-Fi together with its battery, a charging cable, an AC adapter, a Pocket Wi-Fi case, and a return envelope with the necessary delivery information already printed on it.

You will be required to return the device, the battery, cables, and case via the return envelope before leaving Japan. You should send them back to the address already written on the envelope. You can use any Japanese mailbox or post office to return the Wi-Fi device. You will not need to purchase additional stamps or pay any postal fees. The rental price of the device already covers the return cost.

Failing to return the device once you have left Japan will result in penalty charges of 1,500¥ per day.

What is more, the following charges will apply:

AC adapter lost fee: 1,000 ¥

Pocket Wi-Fi case lost fee: 500 ¥

Charger cable lost fee: 500 ¥