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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I left something on the train. What should I do?

The Japan Railways lost property service is excellent. If you have lost something on a JR train there is a good chance that you’ll recover your belongings

When a member of staff finds something on a Japan Rail train they hand it to one of the lost and found counters where it is kept for around one week. After this, the lost property is transferred to the regional Police Lost and Found Center

If you’ve lost something over the last seven days you can call Japan Rail to see if they have your property. If they do you can go to the lost and found counter to collect it. 

You need to provide the following information when calling or visiting lost property: 

  • 1. A detailed description of the lost item (include any unique characteristics)
  • 2. Your seat number, the train number, and the train car number, which you can find on your seat reservation ticket.
  • 3. The departure and arrival stations
  • 4. The times you boarded and arrived at your destination station 

Seat reservation ticket

Image source: JR East

Lost and Found Counters

You can find Travel Service Centers in all of the major train stations such as Tokyo Station, Kyoto Station, and Osaka Station. They offer a range of services including lost and found counters

If you have lost something in the Greater Kanto Area (which includes Tokyo) you need to call the >JR East infoline. This includes visitors arriving from Narita and Haneda airports

JR Central has separate lost and found counters and if you have lost something in the western Honshu region you can complete the lost and found JR West form. If collecting your lost property isn’t convenient and you are still in Japan, you can choose to have your lost items posted to you for a small charge.