Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) FAQ

Where to activate my Japan Rail Pass?

To activate your Japan Rail Pass, please go to any JR office. They are spread through most Japanese Airports, such as Narita and Haneda. You can also find them at all the main train stations, located across the country.

Once at a JR office, you will be asked to show your passport (the JR staff will look for the Temporary visitor stamp/sticker) and your Japan Rail voucher (exchange order).

After your personal data has been verified, you will be asked to select the activation date of your pass. This can be up to 30 days following the exchange date.

After activating your JR Pass, you will be able to use it on all JR trains, buses, and ferry services. Learn more about what is included in the JR Pass.

For detailed information on the JR Offices, their location and opening times, take a look at the exchange offices full list.

Can I exchange my friend’s / relative’s ticket at the JR Exchange Offices as well?

No, the Japanese regulations are very strict. To make the exchange, all passengers are required to go to a JR office in person, along with their passport and JR Pass Exchange Order.

The JR staff need to confirm the voucher owner’s identity in person, before authorizing the exchange for the actual JR Pass. This is why each visitor is required to exchange their pass personally.