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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to book a seat with the Japan Rail Pass?

Japan Rail Pass holders can easily make a seat reservation free of charge at any Ticket Counter in Japan. You will be asked for your passport (stamped with a Tourist Visa) and your original Japan Rail Pass.

No copies, emails or photo scans but original documents will be accepted. Please note that seat reservations can only be made after having exchanged the Japan Rail Pass.

Can I book a seat on a JR train online or on the phone?

Seat reservations are available online, however:

1. To make a seat reservation online, you will need a Japanese credit card in order to pay the reservation fee.

2. Booking a seat over the phone is not possible.

Can I book a seat in advance?

You can book a seat on a JR train up to a month in advance. What this implies is that if you already have your itinerary mapped out, you can make seat reservations for your entire stay in Japan.

Important Note: Seats can only be booked in person at any Travel Service or a Reservation Office (Midori-no-madoguchi). You will be asked to show your passport and your original Japan Rail Pass.