Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) FAQ

When does my Japan Rail Pass arrive?

The standard delivery time of our orders is 2 business days. However, there are some rare circumstances which are beyond our control such as extreme weather conditions and transport strikes. The delivery time could take longer as a result of these potential problems.

Once you have completed your online order, you will receive an email with the tracking number of your shipment. Using the number and the link provided, you have direct access to all relevant delivery information such as the delivery date, address, and time

What should I do if the tickets arrive when I’m not home?

If this happens, there will be 2 more delivery attempts (3 in total). Each time the delivery person will leave a note explaining when the next attempt will be. If you are not at home on all 3 occassions, the package will be left at the closest post office for you to collect. If you do not collect the package within a week of the last attempt, the package will be sent back to our offices.