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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I have my JR Pass voucher sent to Japan?

Yes, orders can be sent to your home address as well as to your temporary residence in Japan. You can choose either one of those options during the checkout process on this website. If you wish to have your JR Pass delivered to you in Japan, select the corresponding delivery option and indicate the delivery address in Japan. Please make sure to provide a full and correctly written address.

I don't have time to receive the tickets. Can I receive them in Japan?

If you have made a last-minute decision to purchase the JR Pass and believe there isn't enough time to receive it at your home address, there is another option.

For our client's peace of mind in those exact situations, we offer a delivery of the Japan Rail Passes in Japan. Simply indicate the address, at which you wish to have your order delivered during, the checkout process. Please, carefully review the Japanese address. Having the correct and full delivery address is of utmost importance.