Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) FAQ

Can I delay the delivery of my Japan Rail Pass?

There are 2 ways to delay the delivery of your JR order:
  • If the order hasn’t been shipped yet…

You can delay your order delivery by sending us an email at One of our expert staff members will get back to you as soon as possible with a confirmation email about the updated delivery time.

  • If the order has already been shipped…

You can send the JR voucher (Exchange Order) back to our offices to the following direction:

barcelona address*
*8 am - 5 pm on business days

Additionally, let us know via email when you wish to receive the JR order.

Please bear in mind that each JR Exchange Order has a validity period of 3 consecutive months.

Note: If the order has already been shipped and you want to delay the delivery, you are required to cover the cost of the second shipping. This is only the case if you have not purchased our Cancellation and Modification Insurance. The insurance fully covers the cost of a second shipping to the same address. Should you decide to switch the delivery address to a destination which is further away and more expensive to deliver to, you are required to cover the difference.