Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) FAQ

Can I buy the Japan Rail Pass more than 3 months before my departure?

Yes, travelers who wish to purchase their Japan Rail Passes more than 3 months before their intended departure date are free to do so. However, because the validity period of the JR Pass is 3 consecutive months we will pause the delivery and issue of your Exchange Order until a month before your trip

EXAMPLE: If you make your order in February but do not plan to arrive in Japan until July 10, the issue and delivery of the order will be put on hold until the June 10 (one month before the trip).

Should you wish to change the automatically set date, email us at

Can I purchase a Japan Rail Pass if I haven’t purchased my plane ticket yet?

Yes, travelers are not required to know their exact date of arrival in Japan.

Remember that the validity period of the Japan Rail Exchange Order 3 consecutive months. This means that once issued, the Exchange Order can be exchanged during the following 3 months only. As long as you know which month you are planning to visit Japan, no further information will be required of you regarding your travel plans.

During the order confirmation process you are asked to enter your approximate arrival date. As long as you swap the Exchange Order for the actual Japan Rail Pass within three months of the issue date, you will not experience any problems in Japan when receiving your pass.