Shimbashi Station: Tokyo travel guide

Shimbashi means “New Bridge,” and Shimbashi Station serves just such a purpose in Tokyo’s Minato special ward. Previously known as Karasumori Station, Shimbashi Station’s current location first opened its doors in 1909. Its predecessor, the original Shimbashi Station which opened in 1872, is located a few kilometers away. It is one of the oldest train stations in Japan and serves as a museum. Today, Shimbashi Station serves more than 250,000 passengers each day.

Visit the best Japanese museums from home: Virtual tours

Although you may not be planning to travel around Japan with a JR Pass for a while, it’s now possible to explore some of Japan’s best museums digitally and get a good idea of what to expect when you do arrive. It’s now entirely possible to visit a range of galleries and museums in Japan online via offer a virtual exhibition tour, simply by using the Google Arts & Culture Street View from the comfort of your sofa.

Why travel to Japan? 20 best reasons to visit it

There are a endless number of reasons to visit Japan, as the country has something to entice almost every kind of traveler. Whether you’re dying to explore Japanese history and culture at the variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country, indulge in diverse Japanese cuisine, or experience a ride on the lighting-fast Shinkansen trains, a trip to Japanese promises adventure around every corner.

The 11 best castles to visit in Japan

Japan is a land rife with history and relics of the past. In nearly every city and town, you will find landmarks, museums, and historic sites that display the country’s culturally rich past. In fact, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has declared more World Heritage Sites in Japan than in any other country. One of the most interesting and breathtaking elements of Japan’s history is its castles. Unique architecture and fascinating family stories accompany each site. Consider the following list of Japan’s most visited castles.

15 best movies to watch before traveling to Japan

There are plenty of Hollywood movies based on Japanese culture you could watch before traveling to Japan, such as Memoirs of a Geisha, The Last Samurai, or the remake of J-horror Ringu. However, there are a number of other Japanese films and Japan-set movies that can give you a much better view of both modern life in Japan and its history, and current Japanese pop culture. If you’re looking for some cinematic inspiration when planning a trip, browse the list below for some of the best Japanese films ever made and where to watch them.