Tokyo Olympics in Numbers [Infographic]

It’s summer 2021 and Japan plays host to the Olympics for the first time since 1964. The Tokyo Olympics have finally begun! Get all the information on our complete guide including schedules, event details, dates, Tokyo Stadium, other venues and more. Tokyo 2020 promises to be a monumental event, celebrating the best of sport. Although delayed a year thanks to the pandemic, these Games are set to be the most innovative in history, with cutting-edge facilities, futuristic technology, and medals made from recycled electronics.

Shinkansen series guide: All Shinkansen train models

Japan’s high-speed Shinkansen services are the fastest and most convenient way to get around the country, and there have been a variety of types of bullet train series used on the lines since the first was inaugurated in 1964. While some of the many types of bullet trains have been retired from use or upgraded to newer models as updated technology was developed, there are still a large number of different trains in operation on each Shinkansen line. This complete guide can help you identify the different types of Shinkansen models before you being your journey with your JR Pass.

New train line from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station

JR East has announced that it will open a new train line that will directly connect Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station in the city center, cutting the total travel time down by half to just 18 minutes and making it easier for holders of a JR Pass to access the Japanese capital upon arrival.

Japan Virtual Travel: Enjoy Japan while stuck at home

If you’ve had to postpone your next trip to Japan due to the coronavirus pandemic and are stuck at home during your vacations, rest assured that you can still enjoy virtual travel to Japan without stepping outside. Using a range of virtual resources, you can now get plenty of travel ideas and experience some of Japan’s most exciting attractions online, which can help you plan your trip and decide what you want to see in person.

Travel to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021

On this page you can find a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021 and discover valuable advice regarding the schedule of the Games, accomodation options in Tokyo, information about necessary travel documents such as visas, and more.

Super Nintendo World opens March 18 at Japan’s Universal Studios

Announced in 2015, Japan’s much-anticipated Super Nintendo World is now opening its doors for business on March 18th, 2021. Now that some COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in Osaka Prefecture where Super Nintendo World is located, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) have given the go-ahead for the opening with enhanced sanitation measures.